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Eileen Thornton

Writer and Author



Welcome to my Website.


Now you are here, I do hope you will spend some time browsing through my published work. 

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You will also be invited to download a copy of Strange Happenings. Two light-hearted short stories about life beyond...  





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Murder on Tyneside

Exciting news! 

Murder on Tyneside is a cosy murder mystery, set on the quayside of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Since publication at the beginning of the year, it had continued to be a best seller in the UK. It has also been a hit on Amazon USA and Canada.

 It is also receiving 5 star reviews!




I really loved writing this novel as I was born on Tyneside and lived there until I was married. 

The mention of all the places in the story brought back such wonderful memories for me.






The Trojan Project


The novel is set in the Cheviot Hills in North Northumberland.

The Cheviot hills are renowned for their beauty and peacefulness. 

Therefore, how could something so terrible happen in such a place? 

You can read The Prologue on The Trojan Project's page here on the website!





Divorcees .Biz, set in London - the centre of the universe!

Four thirty-something, divorced ladies decide to set up an online dating agency for divorcees only. 





       Only Twelve Days



Set in 1979, two shy, lonely people find love in the most unexpected place. 





  A Surprise for Christine


Twelve short stories all previously published in UK 


I have put together a collection of my light-hearted short stories. All were previously published in magazines in the UK.



More information on each of these books can be found on the appropriate pages of my website.


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