About Me


Since beginning a comprehensive writing course with The Writers Bureau in 2001, my articles and short stories have been published in a variety of magazines in the UK.  The magazines include Heritage, Scottish Field, The Lady and People’s Friend. 

In 2005 two of my short stories were included in quite different anthologies. The first story, A Ghost at the Vicarage. was in an International Anthology, published in June, while the second appeared in Café Ole – Too Hot To Handle, which was launched in Glasgow. My first novel, The Trojan Project, a thriller, was published at the end of May 2008. It was followed by Divorcees.Biz and Only Twelve Days. I then  put together twelve of my published short stories in an anthology, A Surprise for Christine. 

More recently, I begun a series of novels set on Tyneside - Agnes Lockwood Mysteries. Murder on Tyneside, Death on Tyneside and Vengeance on Tyneside. More details can be found here on the site

 I am a member of the Society of Authors and the Society of Women Writer’s and Journalists. 

I created this website to tell you about me and my novels. 

However, I am sure my English teacher at school would agree with me when I say that I wasn't born to be a writer. My compositions or essays were never very good, and I really had to struggle to get any good grades. The problem was, I could never find anything to say. I could almost tell the whole story in the first paragraph. However, it seems that over the years I have developed a vivid imagination, which, when allowed to run loose, goes off on a journey all on its own.