Death on Tyneside

Agnes Lockwood Mysteries Book 2
Agnes Lockwood returns to Tyneside after spending a few months abroad. On her first visit, she gained quite the reputation as an amateur sleuth, as she helped the police solve a murder.

Now, she is simply looking forward to meeting again with Alan Johnson, a DCI with the Newcastle police force. Having missed him while she was away, she is hoping their relationship will continue to blossom.

But on her first day back in the city, she gets caught up in another murder. This time, her intrusion into the police investigation pushes Alan Johnson’s patience to the very limit.
A killer is marring the faces of his victims and removing their fingertips, trying to conceal their identities, in the winning sleuth murder mystery Death on Tyneside (Agnes Lockwood Mysteries Book 2) by Eileen Thornton. After helping Detective Chief Inspector Alan Johnson wind up a murder case, Agnes left Tyneside in Newcastle to visit her sons in Australia. However, Agnes misses Alan more than she thought possible, so she cuts her two-month visit short and returns to Tyneside. Meanwhile, during her absence, a murderer has begun leaving victims in Gateshead and Newcastle. They are slashed beyond recognition. Intent on putting the killer behind bars, the Chief Inspector of Gateshead has incarcerated someone for the murders. However, Alan is sure he has detained an innocent man. While taking a leisurely stroll through the park, Agnes soon proves Alan correct when she discovers a body hidden in the bushes. Concerned the killer could have seen Agnes at the scene, and that she may be in danger, Alan insists she remain at the hotel out of harm's way. Stubbornly refusing to stay out of the investigation, Agnes continues her sleuthing. But will her doggedness put her life at risk? Will she be the serial killer's next target? 

Death on Tyneside (Agnes Lockwood Mysteries Book 2) by Eileen Thornton is an irresistible sleuth murder mystery set on the banks of the River Tyne in Newcastle, England. With memorable characters and an intriguing plot, the story is composed in a competent and entertaining style, which captures and maintains the reader's interest from start to finish. The protagonist, Agnes Lockwood, is a fan of Agatha Christie, and as such, does a superb job following in the footsteps of the great writer's famous character, Miss Marple. Like her heroine, Agnes uses her keen sense of awareness and observations to answer the age-old question of "whodunit?" This a delightful murder mystery and if you are a fan of Ms. Christie, you will not be able to resist this riveting novel!